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Schönegger Cheese Alp in Schwangau

Daily fresh, natural and silage-free hay milk, traditional recipes and the craftsmanship of the master cheesemakers allow the cheese delicacies of the Schönegger Cheese Alp to mature into a very special cheese quality. The family farms in our region are the basis for a natural and sustainable milk production.

Alpine Dairy Lehern

The Lehern Alpine Dairy is located in Hopferau in the beautiful Allgäu region with a view of the royal castles of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau. The beautiful mountain panorama and the green meadows around the alpine dairy make your visit an unforgettable experience. High quality hay milk forms the basis for the unique cheese. Dairy farmers deliver the fresh hay-milk every day, which is processed into the tasty cheese. A restaurant, the "KäseAlp", is attached to the Lehern Dairy. During a tour you can learn the secrets of the holes in the cheese. In the information centre you can learn everything about the production of Allgäu Bergkäse and Allgäu Emmentaler from the master cheese maker. During a subsequent tour of the show dairy, you will gain interesting insights into the traditional, artisan production and enjoy views into the glass cheese ripening cellar.

Mountain Cheese Dairy Weizern

The Weizern mountain cheese dairy offers homemade products such as whole milk, butter, Emmentaler, mountain cheese, yoghurt, various types of soft cheese and homemade cheese specialities made from silo-free milk.


Rewe Market

For everyday shopping there is a large grocery and supermarket only two kilometres away, which is even open on Saturday and Sunday.

REWE Markt, König-Ludwig-Str. 2, 87645 Schwangau, Tel. 08362-98270